175 Brooke Chapel Stained-Glass Window - DONATIONS CLOSED

We have successfully raised the full amount required of R 405 000 via the three communities of Bishops. Thank you to all who donated! Update on the installation to follow in due course.
An asterisk (*) before a name indicates that we have been unable to trace an email address to write and thank you for your donation. Kindly email 175@bishops.org.za with your contact details.
Should there be an error in how your donation has been reflected below, please email 175@bishops.org.za and we will correct it asap.

Prep & Pre-Prep Families

Family Gain & Weir-Smith Snaith Family
Rupert & William Anderson (Brooke Family) De Wet Family
Ramsay Family Thomas Hartog
Nicholas Henry Payne Family
Hersov Family Truter Family
Van de Ghinste Family Kennedy Robert Moir
Carmen Field Oliver Grave
James & Nathan Venn Vian Loots
Prain Family Weve Family
Jack Whiteman Kwamena Sam
Jack Haylett Michail Kaiser
Lukho Kunene Ralfe Thomashoff Family
Cobbledick Family Breslin Family
*Suzanne Brooke Ramdath Family
Chen Family: James, Allan, Bill, David, George Weingartz Family
Grayson & Tom Kennedy Ryan Sherman
Marcel & Benjamin Stevens Pedlar Family
Matthew Moolman Jon Moore Family
Smollen Family Davidge Family
Mason Family Pre-Prep Colour Run
College Families

John Bos David J Douglas
Reeler Family Peignon Family
Mason Family Betty Family
Jett and Kai Bacher Michael Davidson
Nicholas Henry Mari-Jeanne Love
Freddie & Rupert Pfaff Nicholas Durrant
Matthew Griffin Jack Stewart
McKinon Family Louis du Preez
Andrew and Colette Day Landi Moyo
Brent Cowden Enoch Chan
Max Marshall-Smith Ramsay Family
Gray Family: Chris, James, Nicholas Hatty Family
Couves Family January Family
Ben Lowther Jocelyn & Mark Mitchell
Sango Kunene Kay Macnab
Thomas Family (School House) Steve Ciolli
James Shortt James Dickinson
In memory of David, John & Leigh Christopher du Toit
Slabber Family Farinha Family
Carter Family: Luke (Gr11) & Matt Cloete (Gr9) Nicci Dow
175 Concert Series Murray & Billie Anderson
Cobbledick Family Hayley Sherman
Breslin Family Weiss Family
Dimitri-Kark Family Joc Wrensch
Nikkiran Govender (B) Aarav Desai
OD Families

Kenbeth Murray Martin Finch
*Thompson Family *Du Toit Family
Stuart Maxwell (1957S) William Finlay
Giles and Mel King Mark Hartnady
Alex Murdock Madden Noell Andrews
*Wood Family Stan Brown
Craig and Rod Howie Zami Moyo
Benjamin Edkins Ivor Jardine Peter Koch
S Roth-Jones Steve Ciolli
Mike Wright (1995) Robert Simpson
Chris Harrison (1968O) Jeremy Prain
Henry von Moltke Duncan de Groot (1989)
Alister "Crusty" Smuts Dylan de Groot (2023)
Bradley du Toit (2023) Iain Derrick
Paul Inglis Sandy Jeffery
Richard Starke & Robbie Dow Carter: Lionel & Guy
Carter: Edward, David & Jonathan Nicky Bicket
Anthony Harding Martin Bey
Peile Family: Simon, Alexander and Nicholas Jeremy Thornewill (1956G)
Russell HC Peters Macdonald Family
Divakaran Govender Anonymous
Robin (1972G) & Jane Cox, in memory of Peter van Ryneveld (1973G)
Mackenzie Family: Lester (1993G), Angela, Jonah, Oliver & Cora
Chris Anderson Geoff Broadhurst
David Clark Allan Gasson
Costa Ghioules Nick Heesom
Brendan Kirkpatrick Michael Leach
Murray Lomas-Walker Tim Loughton
James Plimsoll Mike Power
Peter Robinson Carl Scott
Richard Silberbauer Louis Spencer
Michael Starke Marc van Heerden
David Vanrenen Ian Webster
Boycott Family: Peter & Richard Justus Tobergte
John Wyatt (1963W) Anonymous
Anonymous Choppy Bands
Hare Family, in memory of Anthony Hare (1955S) Steven Hughes
In memory of David Barbour Anonymous
Anthony Ogilvie Thomson Adrian Bottega
Anonymous Tom Horne
Duncan Hepburn (1966W) CSS (1986)
Blaine Tomlinson James Roberts (1996)
Brian Mannion Christopher Danziger
David Boddy Mano Ghioules
Calum Wehmeyer Anonymous
Prue Hare, in memory of Tony Hare (1955S) Charles Richardson
John Battersby (1966) Nick Boswell
Mike Taylor Denis Christie
Chris Goodwin Neil Orpen
Rowan Nicholls James & Richard Mason
Angus Longmore Anonymous
Alan Bramwell (1952G) Duncan Bramwell (1987G)
Jos Cunningham Charles McGregor
George Bate (1955) Anonymous
Virgil Parenzee (1996) Anonymous
Andy Jackson Pete Naude
Rupert Pardoe Anonymous
James Legg Dave Riches
Baigrie Family
Nicholas Greig (2009F), in memory of my grandfather Ian Calder (1946O)
Alison Greig, in memory of my father Ian Calder (1946O)