Education for Sustainable Development

GIN Activities

2.  Education for Sustainable Development (ESD):

  • To create and foster an ecological, social and economic awareness and stewardship through our curriculum and pedagogy.
  • To educate this awareness to the broader Bishops community as stated in the policy particulars.

2.1 Education for Sustainable Development at Bishops is achieved through a transdisciplinary approach of stewardship for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
2.2 There is an understanding within the Bishops community (academic, support staff, boys, parent body) of the actions required to maintain SDGs.
2.3 There is a transdisciplinary approach to the stewardship of the SDGs (e.g. project-based learning incorporating many departments and their actions within society).
2.4 Improve communication around issues of sustainability (e.g. Principal’s newsletter, Bishops website).
2.5 Big Ideas, in some form or another, to include all Grade 9s for 2020.
2.6 Continued professional development, workshops and lessons to generate awareness of the SDGs and sustainability to the following constituents (e.g. Sustainability conference 2018):
  • Head of Departments (HoDs)
  • Whole school academic staff (during professional development)
  • Whole school non-academic staff (e.g. kitchen, grounds, admin, sport support staff)
2.7 Continued development of transdisciplinary curriculums, such as the Big Ideas.
2.8 HoDs to continue working on how to implement stewardship of the SDGs within their curricula outside of Big Ideas curriculum.
2.9 Societies such as Global Issues Network (GIN), NEXUS, Interact, Accelerated Art Programme, Science Café etc. to actively promote the awareness and stewardship around the SDGs.
2.10 To establish an ODU GIN club for the promotion of the SDGs.