1.  Energy:

  • Ensure affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for Bishops at all times.

3.1 Bishops to have established the use of renewable sources to be 80–100% off grid.
3.1 All new builds, alterations or construction changes to have their plans inspected by a yet-to-be established panel or process prior to its commencement or continuation, so as to ratify its appropriateness in terms of the Bishops guidelines of sustainability, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy where possible/feasible.
3.3 All major renovations and retrofits need to reduce non-renewable energy and use renewable energy options where possible.
3.4 Bishops will be using ecological design to improve energy efficiency (e.g. plantings outside buildings and vertical gardens).
3.5 Reduce motor traffic on campus and improve the through-flow of traffic by implementing “no-car” zones, therefore reducing idling and carbon emissions.
3.6 Install energy monitoring system to establish current energy usage.
3.7 Retrofitting energy saving devices in all buildings on Bishops (e.g. energy saving lights, AAA refrigeration, double glazing in windows, solar geysers, habitation sensors, timers on geysers).
3.8 Insulating buildings to reduce the need for heating and cooling.
3.9 Conduct visual surveys on all energy usage on campus (e.g. energy appliances to be surveyed in in each house).
3.10 At Bishops, immediate strategies are implemented across the school to reduce the number of electrical appliances and their more efficient usage by boys and staff (e.g. reduce number of fridges in boarding houses, and filling up freezers in the kitchen with bottles of water).
3.11 Introduce immediate strategies to reduce energy consumption in all parts of the school (e.g. in each house, based on the surveys, develop context-specific strategies to reduce energy consumption).
3.12 Review method of reporting energy wastage and if necessary implement improved method for all boys and staff on campuses.

What has been done in 2017?

3.6 Installed detailed energy monitoring system through outsourced company Terra Firma around entire Bishops campus.
3.7 Retrofitting at Bishops is very conscientious and mindful towards energy saving technologies.
3.8 Still to be done.
3.9 Visual surveys have been conducted through GIN in all houses.
3.10 Boys and staff still need to have engagement and learning programme with Terra Firma and take ownership of data and identifying energy wastage in school before immediate action can take place.
3.11 See 3.10
3.12 See 3.10