Innovation for Sustainable Development

1.  Innovation for Sustainable Development:

  • Provide spaces for the emergence of innovation surrounding sustainable development and its technologies for all within Bishops.

2.1 A dedicated makerspace laboratory is established where Bishops boys and staff are able to have a hands-on learning environment where modelling, prototyping, and validation resources for innovation on sustainable development coexist. This space will need equipment for a community of innovators that focus on designing and problem solving.*
2.2 Opportunities for sponsorship and interaction within the makerspace laboratory are established for the broader Bishops community including the private and public sectors.
2.3 Sponsorship initiatives are set in place for the establishment of the makerspace laboratory.
2.4 Establishment of ad hoc makerspaces around the school that promote innovation on sustainable technologies (e.g. Technology as a subject takes on a design challenge for solving Bishops’ water crisis).
2.5 Societies should emphasise the SDGs and create innovation spaces for action on these.
2.6 ODU GIN society incorporate innovation opportunities (e.g. ODU GIN breakfast club).
2.7 Opportunities, incentives and acknowledgements provided to support staff for innovative ideas that can be acted on.

What has been done in 2017?

2.5 Societies have started emphasising the SDGs. Cultural Head has implemented themes of sustainability into Eisteddfod.
2.6 Continuously working on innovative initiatives within GIN and other societies. Sustainable Agriculture Society has been set up as an offshoot of GIN and are working around innovative ideas of permaculture designed food gardens and a "Legacy Food Forest"
2.7 Need to work on.

* Adapted from MIT Makerspace