5.  Water:

  • To ensure availability and sustainable use of water and sanitation for Bishops.

5.1 Bishops will be entirely self-reliant on all its water sources through borehole (underground) water, rainwater or any externally collected storm water runoff that comes onto campus.
5.2 Bishops will reduce water consumption through ecological design (using water-wise plants) and through other innovative green technologies.
5.3 BBishops will recycle and reuse all other forms of waste water – storm and grey - on campus through ecological design (e.g. reed bed filtration systems), increasing reservoir capacity, improving recycled water quality for drinking and using other innovative green technologies to reduce water consumption and reuse water.
5.4 All toilet systems on Bishops campus will be waterless thereby establishing a complete reduction in any previously produced black water.
5.5 Bishops to become self-reliant for its non-potable water needs.
5.6 Introduce waterless urinals in all areas of the school.
5.7 All major renovations and retrofits need to have low water usage.
5.8 Must use ecological design and/or other technologies to improve water efficiency (e.g. high-efficiency faucet aerators, high-efficiency pre-rinse spray valves, energy star qualified dishwashers, FOG tanks).
5.9 All watering of sports fields must be computerised to improve efficiency.
5.10 Grounds on campus that don’t need water must be identified and further water must be stopped completely or seasonally.
5.11 Where possible grassed areas to be replaced with water-wise plantings or Astro Turf.
5.12 Installing a second reservoir for recycling and reuse purposes.
5.13 Rainwater harvesting to be implemented and used within houses.
5.14 Timer systems to be installed in all house showers, appropriately limiting shower length and access to hot water.
5.15 Maintain off-municipal water system (installed in 2018 drought) plant increasing capacity where possible.
5.16 Investigate and install where possible campus-wide capture, harvesting and permeable paving/road systems to catch storm/rain run-off and top up aquifer which Bishops now relies so heavily upon.
5.17 Install water-monitoring system to establish water usage.
5.18 Continue retrofitting water-saving devices in all buildings on Bishops (e.g. low flow showerheads).
5.19 Install pool covers for both pools.
5.20 Continue fixing all leaking pipes, toilets and faucets.
5.21 Using biodegradable cleaning materials.
5.22 Continue installing waterless hand sanitiser in all bathrooms.
5.23 Review method of reporting water leaks and wastage and, if necessary, implement improved method for all boys and staff on campuses.
5.24 Maintain strategies implemented in 2018 drought crisis to reduce water consumption in all parts of the school (e.g. timed showers on campus, water flower beds only in morning and evening).