Rowing Dinner and Captains

28 April 2021

Rowing Dinner.

On Thursday 22nd of April, the rowing club held its annual Dinner to close off the season officially, as well as to introduce the new leaders for the club for the 2021/2022 year.

Due to the restrictions being eased, the club was able to host a smaller physical dinner with all the boys and the Matric Parents. The event was well received by all and the boys especially had a fantastic time sharing their stories and listening to the guest speaker. The guest speaker was OD member, Kalu Varney 2019, who spoke about his time in matric and the path he took from Bishops boy to Harvard student.

Due to the nature of the year, the regular awards were not handed out. The rowing ties were given to the Grade 11 age group, who throughout this period, have shown great resolve and commitment towards the rowing club. These were the following:

Noah Du Randt, Lukas Barnard, Thomas Barton, Thomas Maurel, Thomas Mason, Lance Brilus, James Du Preez, Johnathan Bennet, Aadam Jaffer, Suhayl Khalfey and Enrico Dundulachis. Congratulations.

At the end of the evening the captains were announced. Congratulations must go to Noah Du Randt who is the captain of the Bishops Rowing Club for the 2020/2021 season. His Boatman is Lukas Barnard and his other Vice Captain is Thomas Barton. We wish you all the best, well done and good luck for the next year.