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Inter-House Singing

Inter-House Singing takes place at 19h00 on Wednesday 12 June at Every Nation Church, N1 City (formerly known as His People Christian Church). Booking is essential and will open approximately one week beforehand – further details will be available in due course

History of the Bishops Eisteddfod

First established in 1987 by Headmaster John Peake, the Bishops Eisteddfod aims at creating a cultural spirit, as well as challenge boys to ‘stand on the edge’ and get involved in things that they normally would not do.

All aspects of cultural life are put to the test – Speech, Performance, Visual Arts, Music and the ever-popular Inter-House Singing Competition, which has been in existence since 1971. Although the main focus is given to the performances on the Eisteddfod days, much preparation has taken place during the term and many preliminary rounds have tested the skills of all the students in the school.

When Eisteddfod arrives, spirits have reached fever pitch and the Houses compete over the two days, culminating in the Inter-House singing, after which various sectional owlets are awarded, with the winner being presented the Big Owl.

Download the Eisteddfod Rules Judging Criteria Document

The Bishops Eisteddfod (culminating in the popular Interhouse Singing Competition) is the largest event on the annual calendar and the only one that involves every boy in the College. The success and value of the Eisteddfod lies in its diversity of activities, in its creative processes and in its ability to extract a sense of passion in boys; it is an event that requires from the boys motivation and negotiation, leadership skills and massive team effort.

Over the past number of years the Eisteddfod has grown in both size and stature and it is our commitment to the Bishops community to continue to develop this unique cultural event.