Big Ideas Presentations

5 December 2022

Vuka Nomtobhoyi video
On the 29th of November, the two sets of Big Ideas boys had their final exam, in the form of project presentations. The 15 groups were given strict time limits and only one instruction: "No boring PowerPoints". Every single group delivered a unique presentation, in the form of videos, shark tank meetings as well as a mock trial. These were some of the most incredible presentations that many of us had seen as teachers and parents. What was even more impressive was the questions the boys asked of each other. From the first to the 15th presentation, they asked insightful and challenging questions of each other which really showed off how much each young man has matured over the two terms of Big Ideas.
Click on the link  where the presentations and videos and can be viewed:
Watoto wa asili presenting
Boundless doing a mock trial
Education in Langa presenting