Road cycling is offered as a summer sport at Bishops. We do interval training at Rhodes Memorial on Tuesdays and a long outride on Thursdays. Mountain biking is offered on Wednesdays as an outride to a cycle track.
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Club members who take cycling as a primary sport are expected to participate in the Scholars League organised by the Pedal Power Association and this involves either a Saturday or a Sunday ride each week of between 50 and 70km.

The highlight of the season is the Argus Cycle Tour and Bishops has a history of being highly competitive and holds the scholars' team record, set in 2008, of 2 hours 48 minutes. The riders were James Mills, Gareth Kruger and James Klatzow. Mountain bikers are also welcome and are also expected to do the PPA mountain-bike races.

Bishops boys can do cycling as a second sport in Grades 8 and 9 and as their main sport in 10, 11 and 12. The Cycling Club holds weekly meetings on Wednesdays during open period to discuss outride routes, training programmes and other cycling matters.

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Bishops is one of the leading schools in South Africa as far as sport is concerned and our reputation for sporting excellence is world-wide. In keeping with the ethos of our school, we believe that sport plays a vital role in the development of young men. In particular, we believe that participation in a team sport enhances the educational experience. To this end, it is a school rule that all boys must play an official school sport during both summer and winter terms.

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Facilities & Coaching

Road Cycling and Mountain biking share some great facilities at Bishops. There is a small workshop complete with all the tools and accessories needed to clean and service road and mountain bikes.

This facility is well-used by the team to keep their expensive machines in pristine condition as well as learning an essential skill. This workshops shares the bike garage where 28 Silverback Mountain bikes are stored for use in the Bishops Epic, but are also utilised for outreach, such as cycling training workshops for the Leap school. The bikes are also loaned to prospective cyclists who wish to try out the sport.

Although cycling owns 8 spinning bikes which were housed in the school gym, space constrains have resulted in them being split up amongst the boarding house gyms. They are however, still used for static training in small groups. Our cyclists do Indoor road cycling training at Bike Max in Claremont.

The most significant resource is the Bishops Cross Country Eliminator course which winds its way through 1.2km of greenbelt on our campus. This track built by legendary trail designer, Meurant Botha, is maintained by the boys with new jumps and berms being constantly added. The track has already hosted a national intershool eliminator series and is the only of its kind in the Cape Town area. Regular rides off campus are also possible through our 12-bike trailer which can hold all bikes from 26 - 29" wheels and accommodates both regular skewer-mount forks as well as through axle. It has an A-frame to accommodate down-hill bikes too.