Big Ideas

Big Ideas is a part of our future-fitting education programme as outlined in the Bishops future-fitting policy (see Its purpose is to explore alternative approaches to teaching and learning with the aim of creating a transdisciplinary Grade 9 curriculum that aims to “future-fit” a Bishops boy with 21st century competencies, attitudes, values using the Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) as an overall framework.

Ths project-based learning curriculum runs in the third and fourth term for Grade 9 boys who are given the opportunity to sign up for one of two classes (approximately 60 boys). The Big Ideas is timetabled in the lessons that are normally allocated for five subjects, namely: History, Geography, Life Sciences, Economic and Management Sciences and Life Orientation. It also integrates real-world scenarios, learning experiences and outings facilitated by experts in their field of work.

We are cognizant that this type of learning experience is not suited to every boy and to every teacher, but we want to still give the boys who would like to experience this an opportunity to learn and think differently for a future that is complex and uncertain.

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