Sports App

Our sports app will allow you to access sports fixtures, results and other information, shared by our coaches and managers, on your electronic devices.

Please follow these steps to access sporting details:

  • Use your mobile browser to browse to the address
  • Click on the Sport tab and choose Fixtures and Results from the drop down menu
  • Bookmark this page on your laptop, PC or tablet
  • On your mobile device, choose 'Add to home screen' and call it Bishops Sport
  • Now at a click of a button you can see What's on, access maps, details of fixtures and more
  • Click on the 'What’s On' page, choose the date and sporting code and then click on the relevant team

The Sports coaches will use this platform to communicate important information, regarding details around the various fixtures. We are hoping this will limit the need for email communication and hence we encourage you to use this platform as your first port of call.

We welcome feedback from you and will happily answer any further questions you may have.