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The President’s Award is part of the international Award for Young People, and is run on precisely the same lines as The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the UK and in plenty of other countries. It is therefore recognised both nationally and internationally, and is highly regarded by employers because it demonstrates a young person’s willingness to take up a challenge, to persevere and achieve across a broad range of activities.

Bishops started running it properly in 2008 and it fits unsurprisingly well with the school’s ethos. In fact, a lot of the requirements can be easily covered via school activities (more details below). Whilst Bishops does its best to facilitate as much of this as is possible, there are over 250 boys enrolled, and the emphasis must be on individual responsibility.

The Award is divided into 3 levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, requiring different degrees of commitment. Within each level the participant needs to learn or develop a skill, participate in physical recreation, complete significant service to other people, and take part in an adventurous journey. In addition the Gold level requires the participant to reside outside of their normal community for five days/four nights.

Service: The aim of this section is to encourage active citizenship and community involvement. students can choose to become involved in a wide variety of services, but with very limited free time, it is very difficult for them to complete that part in particular. Boys must take initiative during the holidays and weekends and complete some of the requirements on their own. They must make sure that a supervising adult signs their service record sheet at the time.

Skills: The aim of this section is to encourage the discovery and development of practical and social skills and personal interests. The Skills Section offers students a wide choice depending upon their personal preferences, abilities and the opportunities available. The skill may be an existing interest or something entirely new.

Physical Recreation: The aim of this section is to encourage participation and improvement in physical activity.

Expeditions: The aim of this section is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery by preparing for and carrying out an adventurous journey as part of a Team. Ventures must be completed by the Participants' own physical efforts with minimal external intervention. There should be a regular commitment averaging at least an hour a week.

The table below summarises the requirements and gives some examples:


Physical recreation


Adventurous Journey

Residential project

(aged 14)

+ 3 months of extra skills, physical recreation or service

3 months

Any new skill or significant improvement in level of skill, eg individual music lessons, 1st Aid, cooking, accelerated art programme

3 months,

any sport they do at school.

3 months
24 hours,

A maximum of 5 hours in any given day.

Fun Frenzy

1 night, 2 days.

Minimum of 6 hours activity per day.

Usually Grade 9 camp or Cape Point Overnight Trail


(aged 15)

+ additional 6 months if non-bronze holder

6 months

ICDL, drivers’ licence

6 months

6 months
48 hours,

A maximum of 5 hours in any given day.

2 nights, 3 days,

minimum of 7 hours activity per day.



(aged 16)

+ additional 6 months if non-silver holder

12 months

12 months

12 months
72 hours,

A maximum of 5 hours in any given day.

3 nights, 4 days,

minimum of 8 hours activity per day.

The Hoerikwaggo Trail

5 days/four nights out of normal community eg participation in a youth forum, exchange, sports or cultural tour

More information and to join the scheme:
Contact Mrs van Selm
Check the President’s Award website