Sport at Bishops

The Bishops boy's passion for sport is renowned and, in some instances, held in awe on school sports fields throughout South Africa. There are fewer tougher rugby matches than the matches against Bishops; there are fewer more difficult cricket games than those against Bishops.

It is an expectation that is intended to help the students find a balance between mind, body and soul.Academic work is important but so is exercise, and, with it, the lessons of working in a team, enjoying success and coping with failure.

While the school offers students a variety of sporting choices - they can do everything from golf to judo - rugby is truly at the heart of the school. Bishops' main rugby field was the first in South Africa and is sometimes still used today by the Springbok team for practice sessions out of the public eye. Over the years, many Bishops students have gone on to become great Springbok rugby players, the most recent being Robbie Fleck and Selborne Boome.

Cricket, too, is a sport that has been embraced and enjoyed by Bishops students for decades. When Springbok cricketer Adrian Kuiper, once a Bishops boy, was batting in a school match, the boarding houses would empty in minutes. The entertainment on the cricket field was too good to be missed. The young cricketer actually enjoyed facing fast bowlers and the faster they bowled the further he hit - the spectators loved it.

In the near future the school will be developing a modern fitness centre that will enable boys to prepare themselves physically for any challenge, sporting or otherwise. The school already has its own biokineticist, who consults with injured players and organises rehabilitation programmes. The school doctor specialises in sports medicine and sports injuries, and, in the winter season, the school employs a physiotherapist.

Bishops can still claim to be one of the most famous sporting schools in South Africa. In terms of the variety of sports and the number of junior and senior Springboks the school has produced in recent years, it is still right at the top of the list.

Sports Performance And Wellness Programme

Bishops created a programme that launched in 2020, SPW. The Sports Performance and Wellness programme, aims to achieve a holistic development of the boys by addressing their conditioning, performance, wellness, rehab, and injury management. The programme focuses on developing gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination at the Pre-Prep, which progresses to a more specialised conditioning programme that targets high-performance sports development and promotes general wellness at the College. Please see below to view in detail the management of the SPW.