Future Fitting Bishops


There is a pressing need to prepare young minds to be innovative thinkers and leaders in a world that is highly complex and for an ecological, economic and social future that is uncertain and to do so on a campus that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

The Bishops Future Fitting policy document is a practical initiative which is geared to the Bishops environment and which commits us as a school to the Sustainable Development Goals in a practical way.

Future Fitting Bishops

Review 2018 Executive Progress Report

Future-fitting Detailed Review 2019 Report

Future-fitting Detailed Review 2018 Report

Future-fitting Detailed Review 2017 Report

Explore the links to find out more about how we are future fitting Bishops and please email sustainability@bishops.org.za to be part of this sustainability initiative.

Future-Fitting Model:

Time frame of policy implementation