We hope that most of our boys will want to proceed to University or to some other form of tertiary education once they leave school. The field of what direction to take is vast, and people must be driven by their interests and passions to pursue the courses they want.

The school does provide some guidance for the boys as to how to go about applying for university, and this happens during Life Orientation (LO) classes in Grade 11 so that boys can take advantage of the early application process. The LO department invites spokespeople from some universities to address the Grade 11 class about admission procedures and requirements. There is also the annual Careers Expo at which information about University admission is available.

In essence, the responsibility for applying for University or other tertiary institutions lies with the boy and his family, and not with the school as this decision is affected by so many personal constraints. The school will make some information available, but in every case the best course of action is to approach the University concerned, through their websites or else directly, so that prospective students can make arrangements based on the most up-to-date information. Universities keep adjusting their requirements, as they adapt to the ever-changing economic and political context, and anyone thinking of applying should always check what the current situation is with the university concerned.

The school’s subject offer from Grade 10 to 12 is such that the requirements of nearly all possible university courses are catered for in terms of subject matter – the required level of achievement in these subjects is of course up to the boy himself to achieve.