Spirituality at Bishops

At the heart of Diocesan College, physically and spiritually, is the church. The school was founded by Robert Gray, first Anglican Bishop of Cape Town, in 1849, to provide Christian education to boys in the fast-expanding Cape Colony.

Bishop Gray’s vision of “a great engine for the extension of the pure faith of Christ” underpins the school’s very existence. It is no accident that the War Memorial Chapel and the smaller Brooke Chapel are positioned at the centre of the school.

Today, a century and a half after Gray ushered the first group of boys into a classroom, the church still plays a profound role in the lives of the broader Bishops community.

The Memorial Chapel was built in 1926 in memory of the 110 old boys who died in World War I.

Despite the fact that the College has more than doubled in size since that time we are still able to fit into the chapel and meet regularly for worship. These men, and those who died in other conflicts, are honoured especially each year in our Remembrance Service. The Brooke Chapel, built in the 1870s, has a quiet, holy atmosphere that encourages reflection and prayer. Many old boys maintain their links with the Brooke Chapel, and some are married in it, and some are buried from it.

Four times a week the Memorial Chapel bells – Faith, Hope and Charity – toll, summoning the school to worship before the start of another school day. Neighbours of the school say the tolling of the bells gives them a sense of peace. They know that in their midst is a community in prayer. Each term starts and ends with a Holy Eucharist and once a term we meet for a formal College Evensong. The singing of the boys in Chapel, both choir and congregation, is a feature that sets the school apart. Many boys mention the singing as one of the highlights of their lives at Bishops.

The strong Christian ethos of Bishops At present Bishops has one Chaplain and one Youth Pastor. The latter works mainly with the boys in the Prep School.

Psalm 150 (MP3 Format - Sung by the students at Bishops)

Spirituality Statement