From the Principal

Welcome to the College website. The pages of this website will detail the multitude of activities available to the boys of Bishops and hopefully also project the levels of enthusiasm and involvement that pervade the school. The ultimate aim is to produce boys who are well-rounded and suitably prepared to take their place in the dynamic, international community.

My experience has been that the boys of Bishops are proud of their school. We know that the boys need to 'belong' to something greater than themselves and Bishops supplies this need. At the same time we need to be true to our 'tagline' of 'Bishops Inspires Individuals'. I am confident that we do that here. Ultimately we want to produce good men who will become good husbands and fathers and good citizens of our country and the world. Our motto is "Pro Fide et Patria" "For Faith and Fatherland"; we need to be true to that.

I am continuously astounded and humbled by the achievements of the boys and staff, but I know we cannot rest on our laurels and must seek to continuously aim to improve and to be the very best that we can be. With the privilege of either working at, or attending Bishops, comes a responsibility to stay at the leading edge in all spheres of endeavour. Bishops certainly provides the environment and the facilities for every boy to find his niche.

Mr Guy Pearson