Bishops lives up to its reputation of providing for its students a superior all-rounded education by offering a wide range of cultural activities. The music school has for many years been acknowledged as one of the leading instructors in the country but added to that are other sectors such as drama and the visual arts, as well as a wide variety of societies that give the students the freedom and choice to explore and develop their talents in almost any sphere of interest.

The cultural activities can be full time commitments such as in music and art where they form part of the regular timetable and are assessed and rewarded accordingly, or they can be extra-mural activities where participation is voluntary affording students the opportunity to select areas of interest and develop new skills at any time in their school career.

There are numerous highlights in the cultural calendar. Many would consider the Eisteddfod, which takes place in the last week of the second term, to be the most important. Over two days the skills of the boys in all spheres of music, art, drama, speech and debating are contested as the Houses compete for the coveted Eisteddfod Owls. It is a showcase of the talent in the school while also uniting the students in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun. In the drama section a major play production takes place in either the first or second term each year, while in September a one-act play festival is held.

The Bishops Pops takes place tri-annually and throughout the year several art exhibitions display the talent in visual arts, digital design and photography while musical concerts present the work of the ensembles such as the orchestra, chapel choir and choir, jazz band , wind ensemble, brass band and marimba band.

There are over 20 societies presently functioning at the College. These societies are run by members of staff, with the assistance of senior boys. Parent participation is also encouraged.

All Bishops students are expected to belong to at least one of these societies, depending on their interests and opportunities. Each society holds meetings two or three times per term, either in the evenings or after lunch. Details of the activities of each society are available on the Bishops Web-page, with e-mail addresses provided for up-to -date information about meetings.