Philosophy Behind the Epic

Why an Epic?

Schools run the danger of becoming cocoons that pamper boys, pushing them to do what is correct and what they are good at. We are sometimes afraid to allow them to make mistakes and in so doing stifle their personal growth. In life we all make mistakes and it is our reaction to those mistakes that really counts in the end.

Boys ultimately want to know whether they have what it takes to be a man. Until they know this, they will always be trying to prove it and at the same time shrinking from anything that reveals that they are not. We need to challenge them in difficult situations and ultimately help them to understand themselves better

Parents also need to give their sons the space to grow and develop.

The Epic is an opportunity for boys to discover more about themselves and test themselves in a variety of situations. There are opportunities for all to learn new skills and develop emotional, organizational and practical intelligence, which will be as important as physical prowess or intellectual ability.

The individual outcomes of the Epic include:

  • Developing independence and inter-dependence.
  • Building a sense of identity, strength and resourcefulness.
  • Taking boys out of their comfort zones and encouraging social and emotional personal development.
  • Extending boys’ boundaries.
  • Developing leadership skills and encouraging boys to make a contribution to a team, a community and to the environment.
  • Building organizational and practical intelligence
  • Allowing boys to appreciate the simplicities and necessities of life.
  • Encouraging reflection and spiritual growth.
  • Enabling boys to learn and improve in a range of outdoor activity skills
  • Enriching each individual's knowledge, understanding and appreciation of a range of the natural wonders, heritage and literature of the Cederberg.

The social outcomes of the Epic include:

  • Encouraging boys to develop co-operative skills, tolerance and understanding of themselves and others.
  • Exposing boys to other communities and helping them to learn the value of group decision-making and trust.
  • Getting boys to know each other better and to truly appreciate each other for their values and qualities.
  • Giving boys the opportunity to develop new friendships.
  • Giving boys the opportunity to experience the appreciation and development of leadership.