Bishops Epic - Safety, Staffing and Preparation


  • Satellite phones (with every hiking group) - contact with H.Q. in Clanwilliam.
  • Doctor Jas Strauss (GP in Clanwilliam) on permanent standby.
  • Wildmedix on permanent standby at Jamaka – providing 4x4 access, a full paramedic outfit, including communications with all the necessary emergency services in the Western Cape.
  • MMetro and Mountain Club advise on hiking routes and schedules.
  • Each of the bases has either direct access to telephone-lines or has direct cell phone contact.


  • There will be at least 4 Bishops staff members at each base, who will facilitate the programmes and activities. They will have been involved in setting up the bases’ programmes and will have a thorough knowledge of the area.
  • There will be senior Scout staff as well as Bishops staff involved at the water base.
  • Cycling is outsourced to a professional company.

Preparation during the year:

  • Life Orientation fitness levels testing & advice given to those who require it
  • Cycling testing & a further course for those who require it
  • Mindfulness training
  • History of the Cederberg talk
  • First Aid training over 2 days
  • Campcraft training
  • Backpack setup & How-to-pack-your-bag advice
  • 2 practice hikes
  • Rope- proficiency and team-building training
  • Leopard Trust talk
  • Spider and Snake talks
  • Map-reading skills training
  • Satellite phone use briefing
  • Cycling practice
  • Fire briefing