Inter-House Erg Regatta

9 September 2019

On Thursday 22 August all the houses took part in the Inter-House Erg regatta. This was held in the Heatlie. Although the House Director Challenge didn’t quite take shape as planned with Mr Mallet taking the title over Mr Jacobs, the boys did well in shaping up and keeping the event interesting. Below are the Results. 

For the Individual events, held over 750m

Grade 8: Founders (Tapiwa Nkumanda)

Grade 9: Kidd (Lukas Barnard)

Grade 10: Ogilvie (James Griffiths)

Grade 11: Ogilvie (Oliver Kane-Smith)

Grade 12: Gray (Nic McAdam)

The junior Shuttle relay which consists of 4 rowers over 2km nonstop:

Junior: Kidd

Senior: Gray

The overall points are as follows:

8th: School house


6th: White

5th: Founders (31 points)

4th: Gray (32 points)

3rd: Birt (33 Points)

2nd: Kidd (35 Points)

1st and the winner of the overall trophy: Ogilvie. (47 points)


Well done to all of the boys on a fantastic afternoon.