Hockey Midseason Report

7 June 2024

The hockey season commenced with great enthusiasm, featuring five teams participating in preseason festivals. Our three A sides were actively involved in their respective ISHF events. Notably, we had the privilege of hosting the U18 ISHF as part of the 175th Celebration, which included ten U19 hockey teams from across the country. The Bishops 1st side performed exceptionally well, winning all their matches, while the U14A team also remained undefeated in their festival. The 16A, B, and 2nds teams experienced a mix of wins, draws, and losses, but learned valuable lessons and skills from the festivals which they have brought into their season play.
This intensive preparation proved beneficial as we transitioned into the season, which started on a relatively easier note than some previous years. Half way through the term, the 1st team participated in the Hibbert Shield in PE, where, despite an unfortunate loss in the quarterfinals, they secured 5th place. Their performance was impressive, and they returned with a renewed determination to remain unbeaten for the rest of the season.
The season saw the introduction of new coaches and development opportunities, notably the Boys in Blue Academy run by SA Olympian Ryan Julius. In league fixtures, both the 1st team and the U14A have gone unbeaten. Special recognition is also due to the 16B, 3rds, 16C, and 14B teams, which have nearly unbeaten records so far.
Throughout the season, teams faced a mix of challenging and easier opponents, with each game pushing the players to their limits. All players have shown consistent improvement and strength week by week. The boys displayed immense passion and dedication on the field, making every match highly competitive, even if not all results were in our favor. We remain optimistic about achieving favorable outcomes in the next term and continuing the development of all our hockey players.
As the first half of the season draws to a close, we extend our best wishes to all the hockey players participating in provincial tournaments during the holidays. We have an impressive 15 Bishops boys representing WP this year (5 in U14, 6 in U16 and 4 in U18). We hope their hard work and skills will shine on the provincial stage.
After a well deserved break, we look forward to seeing even more great hockey from all our teams next term.