Life Sciences

We aim to empower our boys so that they can take their place in the local or global community. To achieve this, the Bishops Life Science department strives to develop qualities in our boys so that they are curious, have initiative, are problem-solvers, develop creative responses to a changing world and are effective communicators. They can collaborate both inside and outside school, have empathy for others and have grit and resilience. In attaining this we expect our boys to take responsibility for their own learning and manage their own time while achieving their goals. We strive to model collaboration and passion in everything that we do.

The Life Sciences are the Sciences of the future, just think of genetic engineering and biotechnology. The six dedicated teachers of this department have designed our course to give our boys the necessary biological foundation so that they can appreciate these specialties. Our teachers share their skills and knowledge both inside and outside the school and are respected by the greater teaching community for their contributions to education.

The topics we cover in Life Science include the scientific study of living things and their relationships to each other and to the environment; we also discuss UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as the impact of humans on the environment, gender issues, ethical behavior and sustainable practices. Boys learn the use of current technology as well as well research skills, project based learning and the scientific method.

Boys are encouraged to get involved in a number of events outside the curriculum such as the Global Issues Network and participation in the Science Café and the Cape Town Expo for Young Scientists.

Jacky Withers

HOD Life Sciences