With greater emphasis on leadership nowadays, we have to acknowledge the necessity to be able to communicate in a modern foreign language that will help young men become influential and successful within South Africa and internationally. One must not forget that French is spoken in no less than 33 countries, on all 5 continents, and widely in Africa. This means that the skills of speaking and understanding French are becoming more and more sought after in many areas of commerce and industry within South Africa.

Therefore, boys seeking to learn French at Bishops will enter a department whose focus is to produce young men who are capable of speaking, reading, writing and understanding French. These skills are developed throughout their French career. Lessons focus on the communicative approach to the language, with students being encouraged to engage in French with the teacher and with others in the class. Modern textbooks, CDs, authentic documents and Internet-based resources are used to ease the process of learning and reinforce the topics and linguistic skills taught.

The boys are also exposed to the many cultural aspects of France and the French-speaking world. What better way to discover its rich art, literature, music and gastronomy!

By the time they reach the end of their Matric year, the Bishops men will be able to competently communicate in a wide variety of situations both in the written form and orally. They will have broadened their horizons.