Mission Statement

To enable students to use geographic knowledge and understanding to develop appropriate skills, attitudes and values, in order to cope intelligently with an ever-changing world.

Why take Geography?

We all live in time and space. It is natural for intelligent people to want to understand where they fit into the framework of both time and space. Historical and Biblical studies offer perspectives on our place in time, but it is geography that gives us the best perspective on our place in this world.

We are all members of the vast human race that occupies the earth's surface and depends on its resources. Every year the number of people increases, and many resources decrease either in quantity or quality. Humankind is facing serious problems. Our earth-home is becoming more crowded daily by people who are making ever greater demands on the earth. Not only are there increasing numbers of people ; they also have ever-increasing needs and ever-improving methods of converting earth resources to meet those needs.

It is of great importance that we all understand how our physical earth works so that we can use it well without abusing it and destroying the resources of air, water and living things.

We also need to understand how various societies use their resources. As time passes, the competition for control of the dwindling resources and remaining space will increase. There are different ways of resolving the problems: migration, better environmental management, political and economic domination of other societies, and population control are some that concern geographers. Don't be surprised if contentious issues arise in geography because they are part of the real life of man on earth.

What geography looks at is interesting and vital - and very relevant in giving us understanding and flexibility as we take our place on earth. The subject will give you much in this respect: skills and attitudes, concepts and knowledge that will enable you to cope intelligently with an ever-changing world.