The History Department at Bishops teaches its students the critical skills of analysing information in order to come to decisions based on this analysis. The content framework for each grade respectively is used to develop this skill. There are specific ways that this is done. For instance, we study sources used as evidence from which to ask questions. This is commonly known as the source-based approach, which features in all our teaching and exams. And then we teach historical writing through the method of paragraph-writing and take this a step further, for the teaching of writing essays.

We see the above approach as essential for teaching history. We also foster the method of discussion on topical and relevant issues, in the content framework, and also for what is happening around us. We welcome dialogue with you – please feel free to write to the Head of Department Mr Shaun Hewett, if you have further questions or would like to discuss any historical matters – shewett@bishops.org.za