Audio Visual


The AV society was originally formed to support and encourage boys who showed an interest in sound and lighting and who wanted to be involved in set up and running of audio visual for House and School functions. The AV society is now interwoven in the fabric of Bishops and audiovisual demand continues to grow at an exponential rate. Virtually no function takes place without AV involvement of some kind. AV society members are thus involved in a broad spectrum of functions and events, from providing big screen presentations in chapel, PA systems for sports days and galas, to highly technical sound and lighting events. The AV Society prepares extensively for the various plays and musicals which take place in the Memorial Theatre. The boys are privileged to work with top class equipment, including state-of-the-art Martin lighting equipment and Sennheizer wireless technology. The society strives to improve with every production.

The AV society members are custodians of the Memorial Theatre’s sound and digital lighting systems, the operators of the Memorial Chapel’s state-of-the-art Community line array and the providers of professional PA and lighting equipment to the school from a sound equipment storeroom which is the envy of most schools in the province. Members of the AV crew receive mentorship from Ampere who are involved in all Bishops’ major events. Boys learn how to programme lighting, set up audio for bands and musicals, and service and maintain audio and lighting equipment. In addition to the technical expertise that they develop, the boys also learn collaboration, communication and organizational skills. The society members are also involved in the decision-making process regarding budgeting for new equipment during the weekly meetings. Each year a senior(s) is chosen to lead the society.

Membership to this society is limited and members need to prove themselves reliable and trustworthy if they wish to remain in the society.

Past Activities

Some of the highlights are the set-up of multi-venue viewing at Eisteddfod where spectators sit in a marquis and watch the events in real time on big screen TV from various venues around the campus. The boys annually do a magnificent job in assisting with the various Houses’ variety concerts as well as the lighting and sound for the matric dance.

Past highlights also include Edinburgh Festival performances where senior AV society members handled audio and lighting requirements. Senior boys are invited by Ampere to assist at professional events where appropriate.

Times and Content

The AV society meets on Mondays to discuss the week ahead from 13:00 – 13:30 in G4.


Mrs Sally Bowes