Teacher in Charge

Mr William Koopman

Ryan Ferreira

The Law Society at Bishops is one of the newest societies and is very vibrant. The Society aims to provide a wide selection of both social and educational trips and events. The Law Society also meets twice a term to immerse itself in contemporary legal issues.

Being a member of the Law Society and attending these events is an excellent way to meet boys with an interest in law, and who would possibly like to pursue a legal career. The Society also engages with the OD Union and the Bishops community at large to create learning and networking opportunities for boy

The values which drive the Law Society are entrenched in the Constitution of South Africa, and the value system which is celebrated by Bishops. The Law Society aims to promote the Bill of Rights within the school while engaging in learning opportunities for the boys, within a legal context.

The Law Society committee is made up of representatives from every grade.

The Law Society’s events include:

  • Moot Court Sessions
  • Hosting legal experts as keynote speakers
  • A trip to the Cape High Court
  • Career talks
  • Practical sessions: Drafting legal documents, etc.
  • The Annual Law Society Dinner