Teacher in Charge

Mr M Vamvadelis

The Maths Society was originally formed as a series of workshops to provide hints, tips and concepts that commonly come up in various Olympiads. All boys who compete in the UCT Maths Competition are automatically selected for this society, although it is not only these boys who are allowed to be members.

Since then, the meetings have changed considerably. Meetings are no longer workshops for Olympiads, but rather take the form of a presentation by a invited guest, staff member or interested student. Some of these include use of mathematical software or an investigation and the topics are, almost always, from outside the curriculum.

Past Activities

The Maths Society takes part in the annual UCT Maths Competition and, for the past several years, has won this competition 15 times in the 26 year history of the competition, being the most successful school in the competition.
Also, some of the society members have gone on to represent South Africa at international maths Olympiads and, upon return, have presented questions from these competitions.