Ten Club


Teacher in Charge

Mr Peter Westwood

The Ten Club was founded in 1927 by the then principal, Hubert Kidd, and it was originally named “The Literary and Sociological Society”. As per tradition, membership is limited to 10 matrics elected at the end of their Grade 11 year and it is comprised of the top 5 academics and 5 elected academics from that year, voted in by the outgoing Ten Club Members.

Boys elected to the Ten Club are expected to present for 30 minutes on a topic of their choice. This encourages significant research and development that is crucial to life in the academic world. Boys in this society are granted a maroon tie with gold crosses on it (representing the Roman numeral 10) with the letters “TC” incorporated into it.

Past Activities

Speeches in the past have varied in topic quite considerably. Some of the topics include: Fundamentals of Philosophy, Psychopaths, Experiences as a GapMedic in Tanzania, The Influence of Music, The 10 Pictures that changed our World, The Human Brain and Biomimicry.