Philosophy Behind the Epic

  • Schools run the danger of becoming cocoons that pamper boys, pushing them to do what is correct and what they are good at.
  • We are sometimes afraid to allow them to make mistakes and in so doing stifle their personal growth.
  • In life we all make mistakes and it is our reaction to them that really counts in the end.
  • Boys ultimately want to know whether they have what it takes to be a man. Until they know this they will always be trying to prove it and at the same time shrinking from anything that reveals they are not.
  • We need to challenge them in difficult situations and ultimately help them to understand themselves better.
  • Parents also need to give their sons space to grow and develop.
  • The Epic is an opportunity for boys to discover more about themselves and test themselves in a variety of situations. There are opportunities for all to learn new skills and develop emotional, organizational and practical intelligence, which will be as important as physical prowess or intellectual ability.