Bishops Epic - Safety, Staffing and Preparation


  • Satellite phone contact with HQ in Clanwilliam
  • Doctor Jas Strauss (GP in Clanwilliam) on permanent standby
  • Wildmedix on permanent standby at Jamaka – providing 4x4 access, full paramedic outfit, communications with all the necessary emergency services in the Western Cape etc
  • Metro and Mountain Club advised of hiking routes and schedules
  • Each of the bases has either direct access to phone links or has cell phone contact


  • There will be 4 staff at each base who will facilitate the programmes and activities. Each will have been involved in setting up the base's particular programmes and will have a thorough knowledge of the area
  • There will be senior Scout staff as well as Bishops staff involved at the water base

Preparation during the year:

  • First Aid
  • Menu planning
  • SMILE programme
  • Snakes / Knots / etc.
  • Basic compass work and map reading
  • Fitness levels monitored in LO