Bishops Science students win 1st prize and R5000 cash in Peak bridge build competition and receive medals at Eskom Expo for Young Scientists

17 August 2022

BRIDGE BUILD WINNERS AND ESKOM EXPO MEDALISTS 2022 BRIDGE BUILD COMPETITIONS: Inspiration can come from ordinary places and from ordinary things. Like the apple inspired Newton and a bathtub inspired Archimedes, so only 20 sheets of paper inspired Democritus Science boys to build a bridge that could hold an impressive load and won them first place in a bridge competition over the weekend! Nine South Peninsula schools competed at the Cambridge Peak Academy in Fishhoek on Saturday 13 August; included Lawhill Maritime Academy, Fishhoek High School, Ocean View Secondary and other schools. The two teams that Bishops' Democritus Society entered took 1st and 2nd place to win them a trophy AND R5000 in cash! Congratulations to the winning team (please come up to receive your prizes): Devon Marshall in grade 11 Nic Basson in grade 10 Grant Weich in grade 9 Daniel Kushner in grade 9 The following boys’ bridge took 2nd prize: Noah MacNab (grade 9) David Lewis (grade 9) Jack Buckham (grade 9) Matthew Griffin (Grade 9) Democritus also participated in an earlier Bridge Build competition at Zutari Engineering headquarters in Century City (Milnerton), where they built bridges using balsa lumber wooden dowels. This was a very technical competition and although they did not win (..thanks to Brackenfell Hoerskool who clocked an impressive 295 kg of load with their bridge!), the three teams we entered did very well and learnt a lot about the tricks of designing strong bridges. Well done to the following boys who now have a prized SAICE certificate from the South African Institute of Civil Engineering: TEAM 1 - Devon Marshall, Nic Basson, Noah MacNab TEAM 2 - Grant Weich, Kieran Hollis, Graham Seaward TEAM 2 - Jack Buckham, David Lewis, and Veer Daya ESKOM SCIENCE EXPO FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS’ COMPETITION: Science students also took part in the annual Eskom Expo for Young Scientists Competition last Thursday and Friday 11 & 12 August. They won two Bronze medals and a Silver medal, as well as a Top of Category award.  Well done to Bronze medallists: Nic Basson Peyton Leigh And to Silver medallists: Andrew Betty Rohit Patel Top of Category Award in ENERGY went to the following boys for their project that investigate “The effect of minor external temperature changes on the capacity of a lithium ion battery in a laptop.”: Andrew Betty Rohit Patel CONGRATS TO ALL AWARD WINNERS AND TO BISHOPS SCIENCE DEPARTMENT!