Misverstand Regatta - 29th & 30th October

31 October 2022

Misverstand Regatta took place this last weekend. The competition was split over two days, the first day being multiple 500m sprint races in varying boat classes and on Sunday a 4 or 6-kilometre heads race, depending on the age group. The Grootwinterhoek Mountain range as the backdrop makes Misverstand the ideal spectator venue!

Well done to the following athletes on their commendable results:

Open Results:
Scull: 2nd - Traut and 3rd - Calow
Pair: Calow - 3rd
Coxed Four: Calow Crew - 1st
Eight: Breslin Crew - 3rd
Heads Race 6 kilometres: Breslin Crew - 3rd

U16 Results:

Scull: Redfern - 1st and Frankel - 4th
Pair: du Plessis and Daya - 2nd, Breslin and Maurel - 3rd
Coxed Four: Breslin Crew - 1st 
Eight: Breslin Crew - 2nd

U15 Results:
B Scull: 1st - Ratcliffe, 2nd - Moran, 3rd - Bromley
A Double: Planting and Ratcliffe - 4th
Coxed Quad: Planting Crew - 3rd
Oct: Planting Crew - 2nd
Heads Race 4 kilometres: Planting Crew - 1st