FW de Klerk Foundation Annual Human Rights Report Card

25 March 2023

2. FW de Klerk Foundation Human Rights Card
Following the History Society’s successful outing to the FW de Klerk Foundation’s inaugural Memorial Lecture in late 2022 and the FW de Klerk Foundation Annual Conference, the boys were once again invited to attend a function hosted by the Foundation. On the 19th of March, the History Society, together with the Law Society, attended the FW de Klerk Foundation Human Rights Report Card Launch. This report purports to assess the state of human rights in South Africa. It goes further to highlight the successes of South Africa’s constitutional dispensation by celebrating the rights that are still protected. Together with this, to Foundation also highlights the areas in which the human rights envisaged by the constitutional dispensation have not been realised. The foundation spent pain-staking hours, and continues to do so in order to deliver a yearly update on the state of human rights in South Africa, researching and collating data in order to give the assessment provided in their Report Card which can be found here: FW de Klerk Foundation Human Rights Report Card for 2022 - FW de Klerk Foundation. The launch of the Foundation’s Report Card can be found on the following link: https://youtu.be/A-98L9xMWc4.
The boys enjoyed the outing as they ventured into the world of human rights and engaged with some of the people that undertook this mammoth task. We thank Elita de Klerk and the Chairman and acting-CEO David Steward for hosting us as well as Tyla Dallas for her delivery of this Report Card, a vital piece in our social and economic ecosystem as we educate our youth and place our hope in them to make a better future for themselves and for each other.