Eisteddfod Debating Round 1 Senior Results

28 April 2023

This past week, the first round of the Eisteddfod debating competition took place. The seniors were asked to debate in favour of (pro) or against (opp) the given motion. This round's motion was: In times of economic crisis, this house believes that it is legitimate for governments and central banks to strategically withhold information that may damage market confidence.  The results were as follows :
Gray vs. Founders        Winner: Gray        Best speaker: Jamie Chester 
Birt vs. Ogilvie               Winner: Ogilvie    Best speaker: Joseph Power
Kidd vs Mallett              Winner: Mallett      Best speaker: Ryan Ferreira 
White vs. School           Winner: School    Best speaker: David Brunt
The next round will take place on Wednesday 3 May at 19:30 in the N block.