Berg River Long Row

7 September 2021

 The Berg River Row

This weekend saw the Bishops Rowing community, parents and boys, drive up to Velddrif (the finish) and Doornfontein (the starting point) of a 27km race! Spirits were high and a beautiful farmhouse played host to our club for the Saturday evening – a family home that has seen 9 generations pass through. Beautiful guest housing with 5 star food.

When the troops had eaten lunch upon arrival, the boats were then rigged by the waterside, singing on the way down, half in the bus listening to music with Mr Hale and the other jamming on the back of a Land Cruiser and trailer, the boys taking in the splashes of flowers in the surrounding fields. A beautiful evening row after boat rigging was brought to an end with a typical West Coast Sunset and the recognisable bellow from Mr Smith caring for his boats.

An evening spent eating, watching the qualifying and a few haircuts lead us late into the evening, Deep meaningful conversations were aplenty. The parents spent the night together at Veldrift where over 30 enjoyed dinner and a special evening in anticipation of the next day’s activities!

The rain did not let up overnight or the next morning. 
27kms is short but long. A paradox where time is elongated but simple. Place the blade and move, over and over. Banter and music mixed with the sound of the blades rotating whilst sitting in the rain. A tough but worthwhile experience, one which builds character, resilience and an appreciation for the well-deserved boerewors roll at the end.

A successful weekend for Bishops Rowing Club!
Thomas Schooling – “I should have trained harder”

Matthew Le Roux – “When I got on the water, I was full of energy and excitement within the crew was tangible! Two-thirds of the way into the race the crew started the fluctuate and the morale shifted. A few cranky comments were thrown around, but once we saw that finish line, we all lit up with energy and pushed until we finished. The feeling of accomplishment would be the best I would ever feel, knowing that I rowed 27km! This row is something I would do again”

Head Coach – Mr Smith “It was a dog show, the u15s finished against all odds, the open 8 crashed and lost a skeg and the coaches won!"