23 September 2021
Rugby Colours
After the truncated 2021 rugby season, and with still one match to play, the coaching staff and management of the College’s 1st XV have settled on their awards of colours for rugby. In every case, the work ethic of each individual player was considered, as were performances during matches and general contributions to the team culture.
Half Colours have been awarded to the following players:
Sam Aitken
Sean Cragg
Adam De Waal
Rupert Holmes
Fiekie Peterson
Nicholas Steinhagen
Congratulations to the following players, who have all been awarded Full Colours:
Alistair Bruce
Suleiman Hartzenberg
Imad Khan
Josh Mansfield
Joshua Michau 
Keenan Mills
Alex Myeki
Jack Pace
Luke Parker 
Christopher Pittaway
Bruce Sherwood
and our 2021 captain, Jonathan Roche
Distinction Ties have also been awarded to three players who were selected for the national under-18 team; well done to the following pupils:
Suleiman Hartzenberg
Imad Khan
Bruce Sherwood