Bishops Athletic Club


The Bishops Athletic Club is an exciting new initiative, covering the disciplines of Track and Field (known as Athletics at Bishops), Road running as well as Trail running.
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Trail running, especially, has taken the running community by storm lately, and the number of boys and staff who have embraced this discipline has grown exponentially.

Many of our runners regularly take places in the races, and many more simply head for the mountains for the peace and sheer joy of running on single track.

The successful methods of the Fitness Challenge have allowed increasing numbers of athletes to reach the required fitness levels to take on the longer and more challenging trails, and to join the cross country team on outruns. It was decided to join all of these disciplines into the Bishops Athletic Club.

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The Bishops Athletic Club aim to:

  • Provide the opportunity for boys and staff to run a variety of beautiful routes along the roads, on the river courses and mountain trails of Cape Town.
  • Inculcate a love of running, the outdoors, and promote a sustainable fitness option for boys once they leave school.
  • Allow athletes (who choose to do team summer sports) the opportunity to continue running throughout the year and qualify for colours if they wish to.
  • Allow Track and Field (Athletics) and Cross Country athletes the opportunity to run for WP zonal teams on the club circuit.

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The Bishops Athletic Club was registered with the WPA as a fully-fledged running club in 2014. All boys and staff members are eligible to become members and to purchase a licence through the club. Ms Kemball and Mr Maree were the first club members to run Comrades in the official club colours.

Facilities & Coaching

There are currently runs every Tuesday and Thursday, leaving from Bishops, or a bus taking runners to one of the many favourite routes we have developed over the years.

The aim for 2015 is to add trail routes to these runs, as well as routes for walkers. Runners of every ability are welcome. Members of staff are in charge of these runs.

All routes are out and back, or contain loops to accommodate runners of varying ability levels.