Welcome to the Bishops Hockey web page. Hockey has grown into one of the major winter team sports at Bishops over the last few years.
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We have 13 teams in the league (u14; u15; u16 and u18). Our aim is to offer a quality product that allows for participation by aspiring elite players, as well as for the social recreational player.

This requires quality coaches; to this end we have assistance from young players at U.C.T., clubs and tertiary institutions which are at the cutting edge of university, provincial and S.A. U21, on our coaching staff. Warren Wallace is our 1st team coach.

Success at 1st, 16A and 14 A team levels has meant a higher profile for the teams and more general interest in the sport at the college, as we look to offer a quality hockey sports code.

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Through our vision we hope to develop the following competencies in hockey:

  • An unsupervised off-season hockey specific strength & conditioning program for elite players.
  • A pre-season hockey specific physical conditioning cardiovascular program and skills program education in intensity of training, phasing of training to peak at the appropriate times.
  • High intensity practice sessions to develop and simulate decision making in game situations.
  • Education on nutrition - fuelling and hydration, the value and benefits of proper nutrition in enhancing performance.
  • Education on psychology - goal-setting (long term and short term), pre-competition routines, relaxation. Essentially developing a mental capacity for the game.
  • Education on Lifestyle - introduction to planning, time management and integration of sport with other facets of life and discipline.

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Facilities & Coaching

We are privileged enough to have our own astroturf (Woodlands) with floodlights and 2 hockey fields. During the week the astroturf is exclusively used for Bishops hockey. The Prep use it in the early afternoon and the College use it from 4pm - 7pm. Most matches are played either on Friday afternoons and evenings or Saturday mornings.