An Introduction:

Welcome to the Bishops Soccer page.

In 2016, after much anticipation and deliberation, Bishops introduced a pilot programme for soccer as a winter team sport. Getting it started was quite an experience, with many keen players showing up to trials to showcase their skills. The basic structures and training space were put into place – and as soon as the goals were set up, it was impossible to keep boys away from them.

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The main aim was to get all systems up and running (including weekly fixtures), and to keep players excited, motivated and dedicated. The number of talented young players was encouraging, and the programme offered them an opportunity to represent their school in a sport they love. What a treat to see them play with pride and passion, and be true ambassadors of both the school and the sport!

Bishops soccer started with two teams – one at junior level (U15) and one at senior level (U19). This made the competition for team spots very tight, and the selection process a lot tougher for the coaches – they had to select a squad that was only a third of the size of the group they started with at trials. The idea was to keep squads small, so only boys who made the two teams were included in the sport.

Today (2022), we have four teams (U15A, U15B, U17 and Open), entered into a friendly league that’s organised by one of the local schools. The league includes almost 30 schools, and players have the chance to enjoy an injection of healthy competition and weekly fixtures. The standard of soccer in the league has been high, and all teams that entered the league play according to a similar ethos. We have been fortunate to participate in many festivals and tournaments over the years, and we look forward to gaining further exposure and experience at these events.

In 2021, we introduced a first-team soccer kit, which was received with pride and excitement. At the start of 2022, we procured a field primarily dedicated to our junior teams and staff social soccer events. The sport is still growing, and we are constantly revisiting our setup. We are looking at introducing another senior team soon to accommodate more players and create some depth for our senior squads.

We hope to continue improving the experience and opportunities that we offer, and will strive to remain competitive and disciplined, while maintaining excellent sportsmanship.

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The vision of the Bishops soccer pilot program includes the following:

  • The introduction of soccer as a sport at the school for the first time;
  • “Getting a feel” for the sport, and finding out how many players are interested in playing soccer as a winter team sport;
  • Creating an encouraging and supportive platform for players, so they can represent the school in the sport with confidence.
Facilities & Coaching

The Oaks serves as the Bishops soccer pitch. We have two full-sized goals on the pitch as well as smaller goals used for training.

Most matches are played on Friday afternoons (U15’s and U19’s). Training occurs on the The Oaks on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Both teams are coached by OD’s who played soccer and are currently studying at UCT.