Squash is run at Bishops as a winter sport although the courts are available to all members of the school throughout the year.
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Bishops enters ten teams into the Western Province Schools League: six senior(U19) teams and usually four junior(U15) teams.

The 1st team not only plays in the WP Super League during the season but also plays in two regular annual tournaments: the WBHS Stayers Festival in October every year and the St Andrews Bloemfontein event in each February . These provide excellent off season squash for our top players.

The Western Province representative teams are also well stocked with Bishops players each year

Approximately every five to six years the Bishops squash team aims to tour – the most recent one being to the UK in 2010.

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Bishops is one of the leading schools in South Africa as far as sport is concerned and our reputation for sporting excellence is world-wide. In keeping with the ethos of our school, we believe that sport plays a vital role in the development of young men. In particular, we believe that participation in a team sport enhances the educational experience. To this end, it is a school rule that all boys must play an official school sport during both summer and winter terms.

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Facilities & Coaching

The coaching and managing of the teams is done almost exclusively by members of the teaching staff although we do bring in a professional coach to train the top senior and junior players once a week as well. The standard of squash is therefore high and Bishops is usually one of the top two or three schools in terms of results.

One advantage that we have is of course the use of great facilities. No other school in the cape has a squash set-up with five squash courts in one venue purely for the use of the boys in the school. This does mean that up to 100 boys each year play squash as an official winter sport. Some play squash in addition to rugby or hockey and this is something which is strongly encouraged.


The Western Province Youth squash squad training sessions and tournaments are often held on the Bishops courts.