Bishops Independant Schools' Rugby Festival 2016


The Independent Schools’ Rugby Festival is thirty-one years old, possibly the oldest rugby Festival in South Africa. Much has changed in the Rugby world since the Festival’s inception in 1983 and for many reasons the Independent Schools’ Rugby Festival event has reached a pinnacle where it may have to adapt and redefine to fit into the current rugby environment in South Africa.
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With some challenges ahead it is important to understand the past. The event has always shied away from a winning at all costs mentality. In its place spectators and competitors can look forward to seeing positive and exciting rugby played between traditional and new rivals. Perhaps most importantly will be the friendships born through the game and seasoned beyond the touchlines. The philosophy behind the Festival is therefore about making friends, supporting and playing rugby passionately, while sharing a bond with people from all over southern Africa.

In the past teams would play an opener and then fixtures would be determined based on this performance mostly. In other words teams were matched according to ability to ensure fair competition and good games. The thinking is still in place in that all sides are given the opportunity to choose their opposition.

It’s a unique festival in that it is biennial, keeping its title while changing its venue. Schools interested in hosting the Festival get the opportunity to present and motivate to the rest of the attending schools – a ballot then confirms where the following festival is to be hosted.

First Festival

  • 1983 at Kingswoo
  • Held to celebrate the opening of the City of Lords after Kingswood bought it
  • Founder - Mr Naas Ferreira Kingswood 1st XV

Out of country 2016

  • CBC Bulawayo
  • Eton

Past Hosts

  • 1983 Kingswood EC
  • 1986 Hilton KZN
  • 1988 St Andrews (EC) EC
  • 1990 St Charles KZN
  • 1992 St Johns HB
  • 1994 Kingswood EC
  • 1996 Bishops WC
  • 1998 Woodridge EC
  • 2000 Michaelhouse KZN
  • 2002 St Andrews (FS)(125th) FS
  • 2004 Uplands MP
  • 2006 Kearsney KZN
  • 2008 St Benedict's JHB
  • 2010 Falcon ZIM
  • 2012 Penryn MP
  • 2014 Michaelhouse KZN
  • 2016 Bishops WC

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