Pastoral care for boys

Bishops, as a boys school, is a school founded and designed for boys to the very core of its being. As a school we have specialised in educating boys for over 150 years, and as such, we understand the unique developmental needs of boys and we constantly seek to design and implement procedures, policies and practices that meet these needs so that we might produce happy, well adjusted, successful, relationship-enabled and inspired men. The teachers here have consciously elected that calling, and know how to challenge boys academically, care for them pastorally and engage with them in a fulfilling range of cultural and sporting pursuits. Among the numerous male College teachers, tutors and coaches there are powerful role models and indeed many models of manhood on which the boys of Bishops may draw. The Bishops Support Unit (BSU) has been established to meet the normal developmental needs of adolescent boys and to support them through the process of becoming happy, well-adjusted, successful, relationship-enabled and inspired men, while at the same time allowing a structured, confidential counselling service to boys with more specialised needs.