Grade 12 Exams

In their final year, Bishops boys write the national school-leaving examinations, as administered by the Western Cape Education Department. These exams have international standing, and are the primary (though not only) basis on which universities and other tertiary institutions make their selections. The final mark for each subject depends partly (25 %) on the portfolio, and for the other 75 % on the exam itself. In addition to the mid-year exams, there are the ‘mock’ ones held shortly before the third term ends: this gives boys invaluable practice at writing full-scale exams on their whole syllabus under stringent conditions. The marked scripts from these are available for boys to view before the term ends, and the marks appear on their profiles shortly thereafter.

An analysis of Bishops results in the Senior Certificate examinations from 2013 until the present can be seen on the College website under Academic/Matric Results.