Senior Grades

During the second half of his Grade 9 year a boy must choose his subjects for Gr 10 and beyond, where the requirement is that he will take:

English and Afrikaans;
Maths (or Maths Literacy);
Life Orientation;
and then three from
Physical Science; Life Sciences; History; Geography; Accounting; Economics; Information Technology; French; Music; Visual Arts; Dramatic Arts.

The only restriction is that he must do at least one of Physical Science or Life Sciences (and if he is taking Maths Literacy then Accounting, Physical Science and IT are not allowed). While the total number of subjects offered may not seem very great, the number of possible combinations is: the boys currently in Gr 10 are taking over 60 different subject combinations between them. For boys who are interested in IT, we run an aptitude test to try and establish ahead of time which of them might experience significant difficulties and should therefore be warned from the outset. It is possible to change subjects after the start of the Grade 10 year, but increasingly difficult as time passes and significant material has been covered.