Academic Tie or Jersey
A boy is awarded an Academic Tie once he has achieved three ‘notches’; these can be gained as a consequence of exam performance only, and three of them, not necessarily in successive exams, entitles him to receive the tie. Clearly the tie cannot be gained before June of Grade 9. The criteria for a notch are set out in the table below.





Gr 8 & 9

Gr 10  to 12


average of 85 % or
7 subjects at 80 % 

average of 80 % or
4 subjects at 80 % 


average of 90 %

average of 85 %

At the end of the year, in each Grade and for each subject, a Prize is awarded to the boy with the best performance calculated from his rolling average at the end of Term 3. These prizes are book tokens. Certain other prizes that have been donated over the years and have more particular criteria are also awarded.

The Strakosch Prizes are different, since each one represents a sizeable rebate off fees for the following year. Three are awarded at the end of Grade 9, Grade 10 and Grade 11 to the boys who have the best average so far (overall, not just written exam) for the year in Maths, in Life Sciences and in Physical Science. Other criteria include: boys on exchange are eligible, and their ‘average’ result is the one result that is recorded (in June); no boy may be awarded two Strakosch prizes in the same year; a boy in one Grade is eligible even if he won a prize in the previous Grade.