Annual Software Technology Costs

Once-Off Support Levy

All students are charged a once-off support levy, billed in the first term of their Grade 8 year as explained in the service section of this site.

Annual Software License Fee

Each student is charged an annual Software license fee on his first term fee account. This license covers anti-virus software, the full Office suite and Windows operating system upgrades. Please note that the initial operating system upgrade for the Enterprise license is done by the preferred supplier and forms part of the prescribed machine setup costs. Bishops delivers software updates to students’ machines to ensure all machines are on the same, chosen, version of software. We ensure that a particular version is stable before rolling it out.

All other basic software for school needs is included, other than some specialist courses which may require additional software and this software will be billed in the same way that certain subjects prescribe text books.

A plagiarism checking tool, called Turnitin, is included in the annual software charge.


At the start of each year, students are allocated a printing allowance, for printing and copying, from our networked printers on campus. These copies are free of charge. Should a student need to print more, he can apply for a top up. The fee for this top will be charged to your fee account. We encourage students to keep printing to a minimum. We have an electronic hand-in system for work and Bishops expects teachers to keep their demands for hard copy to an absolute minimum. This makes sense not only from an administrative point of view, but also in the interests of the environment.