Purchasing A Laptop

Every boy is required to bring one of the prescribed laptops to school every day.

A laptop committee (parent and school representatives) negotiates the best possible deal and appoints the preferred supplier(s) who offer a selection of machines from which to choose. Please note that purchasing an alternative make/model of laptop from an alternate supplier is not an option and we ask parents to respect this decision.

There is a prescribed choice of both Dell and Apple machines from which to choose.

Please see below the Dell and Apple offers and purchasing processes. (October 2022)

Dell Machines - iSquared

Click here to order (the order form is no longer available as orders are now closed)

Deadline for order and payment is 17h00 27 October 2022

As communicated, because of volatility of exchange rates, this date must be strictly adhered to. After the deadline has passed the bulk deal offer will no longer be available. It is important to note that buying a prescribed device outside of the bulk order is often significantly more expensive.

The Dell offer from iSquared includes:

If you would like to speak to one of the iSquared team members with any questions, please click here (or the link below) to schedule a call with us.

Book an appointment to talk to a team member

For any subsequent purchases, please contact iSquared for updated pricing and machine specifications.

To order please email the completed order form together with proof of payment to bishops@isquared.co.za.

N.B. Insurance cover for theft has not been included and should be arranged independently by parents.

Please refer to the DELL Pro Support Plus Offering Document

Any parent wishing to confirm pricing transparency is welcome to contact iSquared. A parent who believes that they have found a better deal online should confirm that they are comparing the same range (Latitude), model, specification & after sales support (5 yr Pro support Plus & Accidental Damage cover) and setup costs.

Apple Machines - Digicape

Click here to view the Offer

The Apple offer from Digicape includes:
  • Extended Hardware warranty to total of 5 years (*Compulsory) Inclusive : 1 Year International Hardware Warranty, plus 4 Year Local Hardware Warranty = Total 5 Years
  • Latest Apple technology - all models offered are current Apple models.
  • Units pre-set up and integrated by Digicape, for use on Bishops Campus.
  • Priority and dedicated school software related support as required by Bishops.
  • Free Loan unit, pre-configured, for use when a repair that exceeds 2 days is necessary.

Please note the Apple bundle above and make sure that, should you wish to compare prices, that you take into account what has been included in the Bishops bundle. Other models are also available. Kindly contact Digicape for pricing and machine specifications.

To order please email Digicape directly (bishops@digicape.co.za).

N.B. Insurance cover for theft and accidental damage has not been included and should be arranged independently by parents.

Please refer to the Digicape Support Offering Document