The Rolling Average, as described under assessment, is continuously visible on a boy’s profile, and as tasks are added with marks so the average becomes more and more a meaningful figure. Periodically teachers are expected to give each boy an industry rating, as a code from 1 (very poor) to 7 (exceptional) and perhaps to add a comment, and at that stage Tutors and House Directors also add a comment. This is then archived as an Industry Report, and made available on the profile, and then the Rolling Average view continues to receive, and adapt to, new marks. There is usually an Industry Report near the end of Term 1 and just after the middle of Term 3, with an extra one in Term 4 for Grades 8 and 9.

At the end of every year, and in the middle, a full-scale set of examinations is held; the results from these are merged with the results from Continuous Assessment activities. During these weeks there are also opportunities to run extended exercises or activities for which a normal period is too short. Each teacher writes a comment on the performance and attitude of each of the boys he or she teaches, and these reports are then collated, with a record of marks scored, and made available on the boys’ electronic profiles. In the junior grades, CASS (i.e. the Rolling Average) generally accounts for up to 75 % of the final mark, while in the senior grades the proportion is reversed, with 75 % being derived from the exams themselves.

In Grade 8 and 9, early in the second term, we hold a Portfolio Review: during these sessions parents are invited to come and view, with the boy, the portfolio of work that their son has collated for each of his subjects; after that there is an opportunity for them to meet the various teachers and hear more directly about their son’s progress and performance. The marks are also collated onto a sheet similar to the Industry Report.

All marks, comments, reports etc. can be accessed by parents via the myBishopsLife link on the Bishops web-site within a few days of their completion, and remain accessible for the duration of the boy’s time at the school.